Avada Bakery


Quality, excellent value
and ethical manufacturing

Since 1989 we have been the perfect partner for experts that expect only reliable, quality products at affordable prices for their customers. We manufacture rolls of aluminium foil, cling film and parchment paper, freezer bags and aluminium containers for the leading retailing groups in Italy. We started out in the HoReCa industry, and over the years have specialised in the production of
distributors’ private label products,

which has earned us the reputation for delivering top quality at fair prices and a fully committed, professional service.
We place the utmost focus on consumers’ lifestyles and their latest demands every step of the way from selecting raw materials through to producing the packaged product.
We are certified in compliance with the highest international food contact standards, which is an essential, strategic way to deliver significant improvements in organisational and manufacturing efficiency as well as product quality.

Sustainability and wellbeing

One of the outstanding aspects of our manufacturing is how we prioritise the environment, which means recovering recyclable materials and drastically reducing waste.

In addition to selecting the finest quality raw materials, we have advanced our manufacturing technology, and invested in improving the functionality and image of our packaging.

Top-quality products with a high-quality image are the key to customer loyalty.

Raw materials
to packaged products

We select the finest quality raw materials and transform them with our state-of-the art production lines into packaged products ready for stocking store shelves.
Our extensive product range meets today’s demands for premium quality and practical designs.
We also dedicate special care and attention to the design of our packaging by prioritising effective communication and an empathetic, clear, creative and instantly recognisable image.

Avada Bakery

Rapid S.p.A. | via Commercio 4
25011 Calcinato BS Italy
tel. +39 030 9985044 | rapid@rapid.it

Rapid S.p.A. | via Commercio 4
25011 Calcinato BS Italy
tel. +39 030 9985044 | rapid@rapid.it

A sole-shareholder company
Share capital € 520.000 paid.
VAT No./Tax Code 01551070988

Società con socio unico
Capitale Sociale € 520.000 i.v.
P.iva/Cod.Fisc. 01551070988

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